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If you need multipurpose grass and looking for an economic price then Ecol is what you are looking for.

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Multipurpose grass Beka Ecol

-Soccer -Multi-Purpose Field

Multipurpose grass - Ecol

Get the most strong and durable field with Ecol. Enjoy the game with UV protection and fibrillated yarn technology while playing tennis, basketball, volleyball or other sports. Multipurpose synthetic grass Ecol is the best appropriate solution for indoor and outdoor sport fields of municipalities with its economic price. Additionally, preferable for multipurpose use of sports school and educational institution’s football fields. Technically our Ecol product is produced by fibrillated yarn. Thickness of each yarn is 110 micron which is 100% polyethylene. It is 8800 Dtex and has Field Green, Olive Green, Lime Green and other color options.

Ecol our Multipurpose synthetic grass product is preferred for indoor and outdoor sport fields of municipalities, preferable for multipurpose use of sports school and educational institution’s football fields, shopping mall sports areas and public housing sports field.


When comparing in price & performance; the biggest increase of our multi-purpose grass Ecol product is its economic price, multipurpose use advantage and high performace.

  • UV resistance,
  • Environmental friendly raw material,
  • Recyclable,
  • Scentless,
  • Stability,
  • Natural grass response to the ball’s rolling, bouncing and tabbing, 
  • Easy evacuation for rain and clean water with its drainage holes,
  • No overheating,
  • Economic price

It continues to be preferred with these features.

What is Evolution C briefly? ;

ECOL artificial turf is the right product when you look for a product to buy economical and durable multipurpose grass.

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