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Evolution C, our Artificial Turf product, is the most preferred products on semiprofessional sport competitions.

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Artificial turf Beka Evolution C

-Soccer -Ragby -American Football

Artificial turf, synthetic grass – EVOLUTION C

Evolution C; applicable for use in Football, Rugby and American Football fields. Preferable for professional, semiprofessional and training fields of 2. League football clubs. Technically our Evolution C product is produced by three spine monofilament yarn. Tufted by C shape yarn. Thickness of every single yarn is 260 micron which is 100% polyethylene. With the use of 6 yarns, each is 2100 Dtex, 12600 Dtex yarn passes through each stitch.

Evolution C artificial turf is preferred for training fields of professional football clubs, school sports fields and educational institution’s football fields.


When comparing in price & performance; most important part of Evolution C artificial turf is its strong yarn and stability.

  • UV resistance,
  • Environmental friendly raw material,
  • Recyclable,
  • Scentless,
  • Stability,
  • Natural grass response to the ball’s rolling, bouncing and tabbing, 
  • Easy evacuation for rain and clean water with its drainage holes,
  • No overheating,
  • Economic price

It continues to be preferred with these features.

What is Evolution C briefly? ;

Evolution C artificial turf is the correct choice when you look for a product to buy for training field.

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