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Produced to meet the needs of tennis courts, Beka Pro Tennis XT-PE synthetic lawn is also preferred in multipurpose fields.

  • Synthetic Lawn for Tennis Court-Pro Tennis XT-PE ürün resmi
  • Pro Tenis xtpe Artificial Grass
  • Pro Tenis xtpe Synthetic Grass
  • Pro Tenis xtpe Fake Grass

Synthetic Lawn for Tennis Court-Pro Tennis XT-PE

-Tennis -Multi-Purpose Field -School Sports

Tennis Court Synthetic Lawn - Pro Tennis XT-PE

Pro Tennis XT-PE; If you want to use your field as a tennis court but also to train in sports areas such as basketball, volleyball, handball, etc. your solution is Pro Tennis XT-PE. Pro Tennis XT-PE, our multi-purpose field synthetic lawn product, is preferred for use in professional, semi-professional tennis clubs, as well as in sports schools and educational institutions. Technically, it is made of fibrillated yarn. 100% polyethylene, this thread is 100 microns thick. Total 5,500 dtex.

Tennis court synthetic lawn Pro Tennis XT-PE is a preferred product for sports schools, educational institutions, private tennis courts, shopping centers, municipalities outdoor sports centers and tennis club courts.

What are the general features?

When price & performance is compared; Tennis court synthetic lawn Pro Tennis XT-PE is the biggest plus, economical price, very advantageous use and high performance.

  • Resistance to color fading,
  • Environmentally friendly raw material,
  • To be recyclable,
  • Odorless,
  • Stable,
  • The ball reacts as a natural grass to the rolling, tab, bounce,
  • Easy drainage of rain and fresh water through drainage holes,
  • Not overheating,
  • Reasonable price

Thanks to this, it remains preferred.

What is Pro Tennis XT-PE?

Pro Tennis XT-PE; Economical and durable synthetic lawn is one of the right products you can buy when you call.

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