Sports Floors

Beka Sport Acrylic Series is a sports floor surface coating system that can be customized to achieve playability and desired performance. It is an effective method with low maintenance and installation cost to give the surface an elegant appearance.

Acrylic Floor Applications

  • Acrylic Floor Applications

Acrylic Floor Applications

Acrylic floor As for The field of application  is the largest floor system . Beside that, it can be applied in the most economical and quick way. Acrylic Floor Application is performed on the outdoor sports grounds of municipalities, walking or cycling routes, basketball fields, tennis courts, and multipurpose fields.

What are the layers of Acrylic Floor Application?

Acrylic Surface

Is a sand-filled emulsion system to fill the small gaps between the old floor and the new floor and improve the connection between the two floors. Sand is injected into the acrylic resin to form a suitable surface texture. Depending on the type of application, the sand size may change.

Acrylic Color

tennis and basketball and multi-purpose sports entertainment areas can be installed on  concrete asphalt subbase asphalt with the use 100% acrylic, sand-filled, non-slip floor,. With 15 different color options, it is suitable for long years of use.

Pillow Rubber

An acrylic emulsion coating reinforced with rubber particles. It is used to create a padded thickness on the first floor surfaces. Rubber particles are used in initial layers and result in surface flexibility.

Texture / Fine Rubber

An acrylic emulsion that provides flexibility and playability factors on the surface of the finished tennis court. It contains fine rubber particles that fill the gaps formed from the base rubber. The thin rubber creates the comfort of the player and creates the best possibilities for the game.

Line Painting

Consists of a primer coat followed by 2 layers of paint. The primer is 100% emulsion and provides clear lines by closing the spaces between the masking tape and the courtyard. The line is specially formulated and the silica sand is injected to fit the surrounding floor texture.

Summary of acrylic floor properties

  • Fills the small gaps on the floor,
  • Available in 15 different colors,
  • Provides a non-slip surface,
  • Double-layer as standard, but 6-layer versions are available according to the system
  • Applicable to concrete or asphalt,
  • The cushioning layer used in the lower layer provides flexibility to the surface,
  • the desired pattern or playing field lines can be applied comfortably,

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