Sports Floors

Multi-purpose systems are used in public playgrounds and sports schools in accordance with durable and multifunctional uses.

Multi-Purpose Systems

  • Multi-Purpose Systems

What is multi-purpose field material and how is it applied?

Multipurpose floors are preferred for either sporting or activity purposes.

Multi-purpose flooring; the recycled car tire, which is mostly recycled, is mixed with a binder material and applied to the ground until a certain thickness is obtained. The top layer is usually an original material such as EPDM and the top is terminated by drawing water-based paint on the playground or areas for use.

Due to the safety of athletes, low maintenance, long-term use and versatility, they are used in municipal sports areas, public places, events and sports areas on sites, in the gardens of schools and schools, walking paths, cycling routes and jogging paths.

The surface may be EPDM or MULCH. Minimum thickness is 13mm and application can be made in desired thickness according to usage type, purpose or tender specifications.

Multi-purpose floor features;

  • Flexible
  • No joints,
  • Provides a non-slip surface,
  • UV protected,
  • Double Layers,
  • Different color options are available.

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