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Artificial turf for Soccer - Beka Trend

When you want to catch the sport trend in soccer artificial turf, you must play on the correct grass. BekaTrend artificial grass allows you to catch the trend.

Fake Turf for Soccer - Beka Arena Pro

When we talk about fake turf for soccer, our first Arena PRO product comes to mind. It has been used for many years and is preferred by our customers.

Synthetic Turf Beka Duofilament XL

Our synthetic turf product Beka DuoFilament XL is one of the most preferred products in semi-professional sports events.

FIFA standard synthetic grass Beka Duofilament

DuoFilament, our FIFA standard synthetic grass product, is the product of choice for professional sports clubs.

Artificial grass for sports schools Beka Evo C

Our affordable artificial grass product that sports schools use in the fields of training and training and amateur clubs.

Futbol artificial turf Beka W Trend

Thanks to the new W shape, a new trend in artificial turf for football,
with higher strength, always steep appearance.

Artificial turf Beka Evolution C

Evolution C, our Artificial Turf product, is the most preferred products on semiprofessional sport competitions.

W Shape, Beka W Ultra

W Shape W Ultra Synthetic Grass is preferred by professional football clubs

Synthetic Grass Beka MNF 16000 TRICOLOR

Preferred by professional clubs 16000 Dtex 3 color structure with the most natural appearance.