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Synthetic turf Beka Pro LSR

Our synthetic turf product Pro LSR is mostly preferred for amateur clubs and mini pitches.

Synthetic Lawn for Tennis Court-Pro Tennis XT-PE

Produced to meet the needs of tennis courts, Beka Pro Tennis XT-PE synthetic lawn is also preferred in multipurpose fields.

Multi-Purpose Artificial Lawn Beka Multi Power 16

If you need multi-purpose artificial lawn and are looking for affordable price; Multi Power 16 is the product you are looking for.

Multi-purpose artificial grass Beka MultiPower 20

Multi Power 20 is the best solution for a multi-purpose field of artificial grass, suitable for intensive use.

Artificial Turf for Tennis Beka Pro Tennis MNF

Tennis is our product developed for artificial turf demands. The right artificial turf for tennis courts with its special rope structure and weaving technique.

Sandwich System Running Track

Sandwich System Running Track, our runway systems which can be used in international and local running competitions.

Multi-Purpose Systems

Multi-purpose systems are used in public playgrounds and sports schools in accordance with durable and multifunctional uses.

Acrylic Floor Applications

Beka Sport Acrylic Series is a sports floor surface coating system that can be customized to achieve playability and desired performance. It is an effective method with low maintenance and installation cost to give the surface an elegant appearance.